Taste for pain


Record Tracklist

  1. Taste for pain

From Private Circle to my name
from some irie and oï oï
I’ve been waiting for something

May I choose a simple chord
and my english is not better
should I use my right to choose
would you listen like it is

Every day I feeling more worried
don’t have any strenght to sing
Locked myself in, that’s for good
wonder what my girl is thinking
and I’m drinking and I’m drinking
As I said in every song… that I wrote

From the flowers and the birds
I can’t write a single song
’cause I feel much concerned about the power of our doubts

I’d like to be somewhere else, there’s got to be another world
but instead I let my ass rot about to know what is fake

Every day I feeling more sacred frightening nightmares every night
if I handle this deed it’s ’cause it has a hold on me
but is it really what I am or is it playing tricks on me ?
sometimes i feel so much bored i can’t live the life I please
but I see myself though it and I don’t know if I am… if I am.