Loic Joseph was selected for the Grand Tremplin competition in 2016!

For the occasion, a four-day residency was held within the walls of the Ferme du Biéreau. With Kway, who accompanies me on stage, we have had the opportunity to work both on composing, sound and stage work …

Other groups participated in the project: Avishaï, FLVX and ORTTA

To close, a concert will take place on March 11 at the Ferme du Biéreau. It will be followed by a Dan San concert.





11/04    Va piano, Saint-Denis – 7:00pm
11/06    Palaxa, Saint-Denis (LJ/Rouler Killer; Christine Salem) – 8:00pm
11/07    Le Séchoir, Saint-Leu (LJ/ Rouler Killer; Christine Salem) – 8:00pm
11/08    Le Kabar d’O, Trou d’Eau – 12:00pm
11/12    La Cabine à Bulles, Saint-Pierre – 7:00pm
11/12    Le Toit, Saint-Pierre (w/ FredBanor) – 9:00pm
11/13    La Cerise, Saint-Paul – 8:00pm
11/14    Yourtes en scène, Saint-Leu – 8:00pm