Loic Joseph


working on new songs

I’m excited to announce that I’m working on a set of 5 new songs! Here, Kway, my fellow, musician and sound enginner, is helping me demoing the songs. It’ll probably lead to a EP to be released somewhere in 2018. I’ll let you know!

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shooting a video

A live recording of two songs played in duet with Kway (guitar, programming and vocals). It will be released this september 2016.

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Radio Panik interview and live session

Loic Joseph on Radio Panik (105.4 FM Brussels) on thursday 24th of march at 5.30pm. Broadcasting an acoustic live session and interview. More infos at : http://www.radiopanik.org/emissions/panikorama/loic-joseph/  

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Reunion Island Tour November 2015

11/04    Va piano, Saint-Denis – 7:00pm 11/06    Palaxa, Saint-Denis (LJ/Rouler Killer; Christine Salem) – 8:00pm 11/07    Le Séchoir, Saint-Leu (LJ/ Rouler Killer; Christine Salem) – 8:00pm 11/08    Le Kabar d’O, Trou d’Eau – 12:00pm 11/12    La Cabine à Bulles, Saint-Pierre – 7:00pm 11/12    Le Toit, Saint-Pierre (w/ FredBanor) – 9:00pm 11/13    La Cerise, Saint-Paul – […]

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Hi, welcome to our new website.

This is our redesigned website ! You’ll find here all the basic informations about the music, the band, the gigs and whatever we’re up to. Feel free to contact us for any question, information, booking, etc … See u !

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