Loic Joseph brings alternative folk, filled with rhythm and subtleness. His musical approach is very personal and direct. Starting as a solo project, with Loic as singer and guitar player, Kway joined him with his guitar and laptop.

Basically interested in any music style, Loic Joseph finds its inspiration in American folk, rock and also Africa where he was born and raised.

He has released a new EP on March 2015 called Parade.

Loic Joseph has already released a first album, ‘ Hellos and Goodbyes ’, which was recorded in Tournai (Belgium), at Studio Claquedent. Fabrice Pelle created the artwork.

The musical story of Loic begins in 2007, with the launch of the instrumental math-rock duo project Five minutes to eat Jack.

Inspired by singer-songwriters as Smog, John Frusciante, Morissey and Arthur Russell, Loic develops a true love and interest for subtle sounds and powerful rhythms. In the second part of 2007, he starts performing as a solo artist.

Kway joined Five minutes to eat Jack as the sound engineer during concerts. In 2012 he joined Loic Joseph as a musician and plays guitar and creates sounds with a laptop.

The first concerts of Loic Joseph as a duo,took place in the second half of 2012. They can also look back on concert tours in Brittany and Reunion Island, where they were invited to collaborate with the local traditionnal maloya percussions of Rouler Killer.